Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

Ep39-🇺🇸What Are the Penalties of Being Impeached?

January 11, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 1 Episode 39
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
Ep39-🇺🇸What Are the Penalties of Being Impeached?
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Good News  An illusionist helps a mother deliver a magical birthday for her son.
Headlines  Will President Trump be impeached? How will that affect him?
Mr. Trump has already been kicked off of most social media platforms, including a few surprising ones.
Lawmakers may have been exposed to Covid-19 while sheltering during the attack on the Capitol Building.
Arnold Schwarzenegger shares a personal story about growing up in Austria after the atrocities of World War II, and how it affected those who "went along" with Fascism.
A Spokane Woman is suing Folgers Coffee, accusing them of false advertising.
Showbiz  Was Kanye running for President the final straw for Kim Kardashian?
Did the Weeknd get bad plastic surgery?
Sex and the City revival is a go at HBO Max.
Dolly Parton recorded a secret song that won't be release until 2045!
Plus Dan talks about tomorrow's guest.

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Good News-A Magical Birthday
Headlines-What Would Impeachment Do?
Social Media Bans President Trump
Freedom of Speech Concerns
Lawmakers Exposed to Coronivirus
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Message for America
Spokane Woman Suing Folgers
Showbiz News
Dolly Parton's Secret Song