Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

Ep40-🦍Can Gorillas Get Covid? 🦍

January 12, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 1 Episode 40
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
Ep40-🦍Can Gorillas Get Covid? 🦍
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Good News  Ben and Jerry's has a new frozen treat for your dog!
Headlines  The FBI is warning of plans for nationwide armed protests next week.
Homeland Security Chief Chad Wolf resigned.
Two U.S. Capitol Police officers were suspended.
An angry White House staffer allegedly is responsible for a strange post on the State Department website.
Blue-chip companies and prominent people are distancing themselves from President Trump and the GOP.
Democratic Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey has tested positive for Covid-19.
President-elect Joe Biden received his 2nd dose of the vaccine.
Two gorillas at the San Diego Zoo tested positive for Coronavirus.
Showbiz  Hulu is Launching a $2 Monthly Streaming Plan for College Students.
Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' Becomes the Highest Certified Song in Recording Industry Association of America History.
Michael B. Jodan is dating Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori.
Guest  Voice-actor Bob Bergen, the voice of Porky Pig and many other characters, talks about his career in animation and the new Looney Tunes shorts on HBO Max.

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Good News-Doggie Desserts
Headlines-Latest on Capitol Hill Attack Aftermath
Can Animals Get Covid?
Showbiz News
Bob Bergen, Part 1