Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

Ep42-⚡️Is This Psychic 💯for Real?⚡️

January 14, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 1 Episode 42
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
Ep42-⚡️Is This Psychic 💯for Real?⚡️
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Good News  A missing cat returns after 3 years!

Headlines  Donald J. Trump is now the first President to be impeached twice.
Message-encrypting app Signal is number one this week.
The European Union food-safety agency says you can keep eating worms.
If you experienced bad cell reception this week, it might be because of the Big Bang.

Showbiz News  Weird DM messages surface, allegedly from Armie Hammer.
Anne Hathaway would like you to stop calling her Anne.
Betty White turns 99 this weekend!
Tom Hanks hosts inauguration TV special.

Guest  Voice Actor Bob Bergen calls a radio psychic, who pretty much nails Bob's future!

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Good News-Missing Cat
Trees are Falling in My Town
Headlines-Trump Impeached 2nd Time
Signal is Top App of the Week
Eat Some Worms
Cell Trouble Linked to Beginning of Universe?
Showbiz-Armie Hammer
Anne Hathaway
Tom Hanks
Betty White
Bob Bergen, Part 3
Bob Bergen and the Psychic