Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

Ep48-Customer Support Theatre ūüé≠

January 25, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 1 Episode 48
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
Ep48-Customer Support Theatre ūüé≠
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Guest  Comedian Ian Bagg says everything you want to say about people who don't follow pandemic protocols.

Good News  IKEA buys a forest.

Customer Support Theatre  Dan performs the transcript from his head-spinning customer service chat, in an effort to get HBO Max on his... "streaming device."

Headlines and Punchlines  Bernie Sanders memes are everywhere!
A lawmaker in Oklahoma has introduced a bill that would allow "Bigfoot hunting in the state."
Tom Brady is going to the Super Bowl again.

Showbiz   President Biden followed Chrissy Tiegen on Twitter.
A Game of Thrones prequel is in development.
Flamings Lips played a concert where everyone was in their own literal bubble.
Larry King and Hank Aaron passed away.

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Good News-IKEA Buys a Forest
Headlines and Punchlines
Bigfoot Hunting in Oklahoma
Showbiz-POTUS 46 Followed Chrissy Tiegen
Ian Bagg, Part 1
Customer Support Theatre