Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

51-Seattle VS Spokane with Phillip Kopczynski

February 08, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 1 Episode 51
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
51-Seattle VS Spokane with Phillip Kopczynski
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Thanks to Dry Bar Comedy for letting us use a concert clip of today's guest. Dry Bar specializes in clean comedy specials, and we can't thank them enough. Check them out here!

Disclaimer  This episode is not clean.

Guest  Comedian Phillip Kopczynski and Dan talk terrorist beards, the Covid map of the U.S., dumb radio show names, the meaning of "Chunder", Honky Tonk bigotry, violence on TV, Seattle vs Spokane and much more.

Good News  Marine Captain Evan Campbell, who escorted Lady Gaga down the stairs and to her microphone to sing the National Anthem during President Biden’s inauguration, is now telling us the rest of the story.

Headlines and Punchlines  Super Bowl LV is in the books!
Former President Donald J. Trump's impeachment hearing finds most Americans thinking he should be convicted and barred from ever holding office again.
Some of the people attacking the Capitol building over election results... didn't even vote!
A Capitol rioter being indicted on 5 felony charges is being allowed to travel to Mexico.
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has announced his retirement.

Hollyweird News  Actor Armie Hammer was reportedly dropped by his agency and publicist due to his texting scandal that involves an alleged affinity for cannibalism.
Jennifer Lawrence is  recovering after being injured on the set of her upcoming movie.
Suzanne Somers was doing a makeup tutorial live-stream when an intruder barged into her house.

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Good News-The Marine and Lady Gaga
Headlines and Punchlines-Super Bowl LV
Judge Allows Capitol Riot Grrl to Vacation in Mexico
Jeff Bezos Retiring
Hollyweird-What's Eating Armie Hammer?
Suzanne Somers Intruder Caught on Live-Stream
Comedian Phillip Kopzcynski Interview
Silly Radio Show Names
Phil's Dry Bar Comedy Special Clip
TV Violence
Chunder in the UK
Touring During Covid-Every State is Different
Doing Stand-Up for Small Groups
Comedy Styles-Classic vs Jazz
Dropping Weight by Skiing
Getting All Judgy About Beards
Comedy Personas
Seattle vs Spokane Sketch
How My Mom is Doing, How I'm Doing