Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

52-The Politics of Late Night 🌛with Laurie Kilmartin 😎

February 15, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 1 Episode 52
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
52-The Politics of Late Night 🌛with Laurie Kilmartin 😎
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Good News  A Hawaiian girl moves to Wisconsin and learns that biking to work in the winter is f-ing freezing! If only she can win the car her job is raffling off...
Also: Dan has good news about his mother.

Guest  Comedian Laurie Kilmartin tells us what it’s like to write for a Late Night Night TV talk-show (Conan). She has some advice for moms. And once had a prostitute for a room-mate! Sadly, she also lost her mom to Covid pretty early in the pandemic, and she shares the experience in a way that hits home and hits hard.

Headlines   The 2nd impeachment trial of former President Donald J. Trump ended with 57 guilty votes to only 43 not guilty votes, which means Mr. Trump was acquitted.
Joe Biden is being called a "wartime" President because of the daunting challenges of the pandemic.
The CDC says that in-person schooling can resume safely with masks, social distancing and other strategies. And vaccination of teachers, while important, is not a prerequisite for reopening.
Royal Dutch Shell aims to cut production of gasoline and diesel fuel by 55% over the next decade.

Showbiz  The Daytona 500 was this weekend.
Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt has passed away.
Justin Timberlake has publicly apologized to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.
Taylor Swift says that “Fearless: Taylor's Version” is finished and “will be with you soon."
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees.

Good News-Miracle at Chic-Fil-A
Update on Dan's Mom
Conan Writer Laurie Kilmartin Interview
The Ghost on Zoom
Bad Jokes
The Politics of Late Night
Shitty Mom Advice
Her Prostitute Room-mate
Sarah Cooper
Covid Hits Home
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