Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

55- 🎩 The Alice Cooper ⚰️ Army 🎸

March 08, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 1 Episode 55
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
55- 🎩 The Alice Cooper ⚰️ Army 🎸
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Latricia Lenhart is founder of the first and biggest Alice Cooper fan-group on Facebook. We talk about our fandom, discuss the new album "Detroit Stories", and play Cooper-themed versions of  This or That and Would You Rather.

From the archives, my dream-come-true interview with Alice Cooper which was recorded in support of his Eyes of Alice Cooper tour.

Good News 
If you’re a teen in Phoenix Arizona, you can get music and art lessons, dance training, and instruction in photography and film—for FREE at the Rock Teen Center, which is operated by Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock organization.

"Detroit Stories." More chart success for Alice! Plus exciting news for fans of the band.

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Good News-Solid Rock
Showbiz News-Detroit Stories
Interview with Latricia
Rock Banned
The Alice Cooper Army
Our Least Favorite Albums
Our Favorite Albums
This or That
The Gillotine in Latricia's Basement
Alice and Elvis, McCartney
Latricia Immortalized by the Coop
Our Detroit Stories Favs
Treasured Items We Have
Interview with Alice Cooper
Would You Rather..?
Closing Remarks