Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

56-🎧 Jodi Krangle's Advice for Voice Actors 🎤

March 16, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 1 Episode 56
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
56-🎧 Jodi Krangle's Advice for Voice Actors 🎤
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The Daily Detour season 1 finale is all about SOUND!

*Guest *
Jodi Krangle is a voice-actor. She also hosts her own podcast, which is all about Audio Branding. Jodi will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about making money with your voice, her new-found love of ASMR, sound-therapy, job-stealing robots and what "golden handcuffs" means in the v.o. industry.

*Hear more from Jodi Krangle at...
Clubhouse Wednesdays at 11am/PST, 2pm/EST.

*Good News
Scientists believe there’s a sound in nature that can make you happier. Can you guess what it is? Listen for the answer.

*Dan Talks About...

*Bonus* Jodi Krangle was also nice enough to read a parody commercial for LayVonna, a drug name that cleverly combines the words lazy and nirvana. After you hear what it does, you'll be glad it's not real!

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The Sound That Can Make You Happier
LayVonna (Parody Commercial)
Jodi Krangle Interview
What is Audio Branding?
Sound Therapy
Jodi's Path to V.O.
It's All Acting
Making Mistakes
Find a Mentor
Jodi's Tips for You
Do You Need an Agent?
Advertising's Dirty Little Secret
Can You Get This to Me Yesterday?
Golden Handcuffs
Pay to Play Websites
Race to the Bottom
The Robots are Coming!
Voice Actors are the Best
Do I Need a Booth?
Stereo VS Clubhouse
Zoom Fatigue
Fan Conventions
Getting Creative During Covid
LayVonna (Studio Take)
Making Clients Happy is My Job
Commercials We'd Say No To
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Silence is Golden