Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

S2E1 Memoir of a Roadie 🎸

April 21, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 2 Episode 1
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
S2E1 Memoir of a Roadie 🎸
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Disclaimer: Explicit Language, sex and drug references.

Good News-We can all get vaxxed!

Interview-Author Joel Miller takes us on the road with Stone Temple Pilots, Poison and more in his new book Memoir of a Roadie. It's a rocket-ride of famous faces from rock, film and tv having the time of their lives, so buckle up!

Parody Commercial-Masterpiece Theater presents Memoir of a Roadie.

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Listen to Party Like a Rock Star podcast, hosted by Joel Miller.

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Good News-Vaccines for All
Joel Miller Interview
Jay Leno with the College Advice
Archie Bunker
Steve Wozniak
Writing a Book is Hard
The Importance of an Editor
Masterpiece Theater (Parody Commercial)
Joel Miller Interview, Part 2
Women and Rock
Jerk Daniels
Green Day
Quiet Riot
If I Were a Carpenter
Don't Lose the Stage Gear
Roadies Care
Do You Miss It?
The Cranberries
The Wisdom of CC DeVille
Commercial-Daily Detour Tee Shop!
Joel Miller Interview, Part 3
Brett Michaels
George Costanza and Pepper Potts
STP and Scott Weiland
Irish Cocks
Darius Rucker, Toad the Wet Sprocket
Protect Your Ears
The Missing Mummy
What We Learned