Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

S2E2 πŸ“œ History of Stand-Up 🎀 w/Wayne Federman 🀣

April 27, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 2 Episode 2
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
S2E2 πŸ“œ History of Stand-Up 🎀 w/Wayne Federman 🀣
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Good News-Stand Up Comedy is coming back!

Interview-Comedian, actor and author Wayne Federman discusses his new book, the History of Stand-Up: From Mark Twain to Dave Chapelle, including:
* Old Time Radio
* Late Night TV
* Strip Clubs
* Richard Pryor
* Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
* Lenny Bruce
* The "Chitlin' Circuit"
* Dick Gregory
* Moms Mabley
* Maria Bamford
* Janeane Garofalo
* George Carlin
* Garry Shandling
* And more!

Parody-Fake promo for the Silent Comedy Podcast.

Buy the History of Stand-Up by Wayne Federman on Amazon.

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Good News-Stand Up Comedy is coming back
Wayne Federman Interview, Part 1
Why the Book?
Stand-Up is Generational
Will Rogers and Political Comedy
Artemus Ward, Mark Twain and the Origins of Stand-Up
Mic Drop
Radio Rising
Parody Ad-Silent Comedy Podcast
Wayne Federman Interview, Part 2
Vaudville, Burlesque and Strip Clubs
Lenny Bruce and the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Alternative Comedy Scene w/Janeane Garofalo and Maria Bamford
Hangin' with Dr. Z, Dana Gould
Black Comedians and the Chitlin' Circuit
Dick Gregory Breaks the Comedy Color Barrier
Redd Foxx and the Party Record
Freedom of Speech
George Carlin
Cancel Culture is Nothing New
Ad-I'm Not a Robot (Daily Detour Tee Shop)
Wayne Federman Interview, Part 3
Bill Cosby, Woody Allen and Louis C.K.
Dry Bar Elevates Clean Comedy
Netflix and Stand-Up
Forget Anyone?
Robert Schimmel and Truth in Comedy
George Carlin, Judd Apatow and What's Next for Wayne Federman
Kenny Rogers
More Open Mics for Dan?