Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

S2E3 🧛🏼‍♂️Horror Fun with Director David Weiner💀

May 05, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 2 Episode 3
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
S2E3 🧛🏼‍♂️Horror Fun with Director David Weiner💀
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It's the "Halfway to Halloween" episode!

Guest-David Weiner, director of In Search of Darkness Part 2 talks about his doc, which is now on Shudder. Also discussed: Van Halen, Susannah Hoffs, Halloween Candy, David's time at Entertainment Tonight and Famous Monsters, reuniting Nightmare on Elm Street stars Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund--and more!

Good News-Prancer the Demon Dog finds a home. You can follow him on Instagram.

Parody Ad-Slasher Cereals

Plus-Dan gets his 2nd vax! And snoops around in Clubhouse.

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Good News-Prancer the Demon Dog
David Weiner Interview, Part 1
RIP Rock Gods
Susannah Hoffs
In Search of Darkness
Parody Ad-Slasher Cereals
David Weiner Interview, Part 2
Working for Entertainment Tonight
Chatting with Horror Icons
Licensing Movie Clips
Biggest Horror Icons of All Time?
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Practical FX vs CGI
Ad-Dan's New Nina Noir Notebooks on Amazon
David Weiner Interview, Part 3
Favorite Halloween Music
Monster Cereals
Favorite Halloween Candy
Sexy Halloween Costumes
Nightmare on Elm Street Reunion
William Shatner
Best Wedding Ever
Fully Vaxxed