Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

S2E4 🐎 Horse Girl Author 📚Carrie Seim 👧

May 12, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 2 Episode 4
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
S2E4 🐎 Horse Girl Author 📚Carrie Seim 👧
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Good News: Haley Sue Crandall loves horses. As soon as she saw her first horse, she wanted to ride. But Haley was born with a heart defect and her dreams wouldn't come true--until now.

Guest: Carrie Seim is the creator of the best-selling Audible series: The Flying Flamingo Sisters, hailed by The New York Times as a Best Audiobook for Road Trips with Kids. Her new middle-grade novel from Penguin is HORSE GIRL, described as “Mean Girls meets Black Beauty.”

Carrie served as a staff writer for several Nickelodeon comedy variety shows.

She has written for The New York Times, The Atlantic, Cosmopolitan, The New York Post, Condé Nast Traveler and NPR.

Carrie is also an actress, an alum of the world-famous Groundlings comedy troupe, appeared on Inside Amy Schumer, and was invited to audition for SNL.

Parody Commercial: The Mare Club for Men. Clyde Clydesdale, president of the Mare Club for Men has a solution for balding men: horse hair!

Dan and his wife have their first official date-night since everything shut down because of the pandemic. Dan explains Clubhouse, does an Open Mic in the app and makes lame excuses for why this week's episode is late. He does apologize.

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Good News-Girl with Heart Defects Gets Her Wish
Carrie Seim Interview, Part 1
What's the Deal with Girls and Horses?
A Classic Horse Story
The Inspiration for Horse Girl
About the Book
A Good Message for Tweens
An Embarrassment of Compliments
The Lois Lane Times
Sibling Rivalry
Parody Ad-The Mare Club for Men
Carrie Seim Interview, Part 2
Outsourcing Love
Snagging an Interview with Betty White
Invited to Audition for SNL
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Carrie Seim Interview, Part 3
Improve Your Writing with Improv
The Flying Flamingo Sisters
Plot vs Characters
The More You Read, The Better You Write
Finding a Publisher
Self Publishing
Writing is Rewriting
Writing for TV
Put Your Work Out There!
Date Night
Clubhouse Explained
Next Week-Conquering Our Fears