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S2E5 Face Your Fears πŸ’€ with John Davis βš”οΈ

June 02, 2021 Dan Roberts Season 2 Episode 5
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
S2E5 Face Your Fears πŸ’€ with John Davis βš”οΈ
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John Davis is a dynamic speaker, accomplished leader, and expert in helping people overcome their fears and challenges.

At 22 years old John Davis' spine broke in half, dashing his dreams of being a Stuntman. Doctors told him he may never walk again. Using what he now calls the "Five Fs," John overcame the limiting beliefs of others and brought himself back. He went on to perform over four thousand live comedy sword fighting stunt shows all over the world including  performing more than one hundred shows on the most remote bases in both Iraq and Afghanistan on six USO tours.

John and Dan talk the "5F" process for overcoming your fears, Hollywood stuntmen, Bruce Lee, Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, jumping out of airplanes, handling a bullwhip, surviving divorce and more!

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Dan reveals how his Open Mic Comedy went.

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John Davis Interview, Part 1
Inspired by Bruce Lee
Theme Parks
USO Tours
The Rocket Propelled Grenade
How to Overcome Your Fears
Set Goals and Follow Through
The 5 F's
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John Davis Interview, Part 2
Three Ex Wives
Inheriting Your Parent's Fears
Just Do It
Clear Communication is Up to You
Handing People a Bullwhip
Throwing Knives at Dan
John's Sword Fighting Scars
Your Spouse Leaving is a Scary Moment
Make Motion Towards Your Goals
Should We Face All Our Fears?
Brad Pitt and David Duchovny
The Legend of Harrison Ford
What's the Difference Between Superheroes and Action Heroes?
A Free Gift from John Davis
Keep Your Present Moment Positive
Dan Bombs at Stand-Up
Dan Apologizes for Being Late
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