Daily Detour with Dan Roberts

S2E6-🍎 Tutoring for Students and Parents 🎓

August 04, 2021 Dan Roberts/Lindsey Wander Season 2 Episode 6
Daily Detour with Dan Roberts
S2E6-🍎 Tutoring for Students and Parents 🎓
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Lindsey Wander is founder of World Wise Tutoring, which has locations in Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Houston and more.  We discuss:

*  5 tips for aspiring college students
* Why Travel is good for you
* How the pandemic has affected student success
* Why the education system needs a reboot
* Helping Students with ADHD, Autism, Aspergers...
* Coaching Parents

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Show Open
Traveling with Wander
Traveling is an Education
The Game is Changing
Learning as Entertainment
Dan vs Math
Thinking About How We Think
Is Tutoring Only for Struggling Students?
Most Requested Tutoring Subject
Limiting Beliefs
Risk Taking
The Pandemic's Effect on Students
What the World Needs Now
Lindsey's Non-Profit
The Achievement Gap
Special Needs Students
Coaching Parents
Success Story
Next Episode-Art Bell, Father of Comedy Central